10 Reasons to Wear a Dress

In the case where you would not always understood the power of the dresses on we women, we give you 10 reasons to adopt them in your daily life!

  1. Because they are great women

What is certain is that the dress is a symbol of femininity. On top of that, they make ultra sexy and glamorous in the eyes of men! Adopt the dress is to be woman!

2-Because they think our wallet

It’s your wallet that is glad when you crack on a dress rather than a set: jean + top + jacket! And Yes think about it next time you hesitate to offer you a nice dress at € 60, by calculating well she comes back much less expensive than another outfit complete.

3-Because what they highlight all women

Unlike many women think, the dresses are our allies at all. Whether you are big, small, round or thin, there is necessarily one made for you! According to its cut, its material or even his reasons, plus size summer dresses will enhance your figure and will make you even more desirable!

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  1. Because they go with everything

A few years ago still dresses were only with heels or flats. Otherwise you know about fashion! Today, you have the right to wear them with everything and especially with sneakers, yes it has been validated! And it’s really great, because you can dare all styles with your dresses: the look of pampering with a pair of tights and Uggs, sportswear with a pair of Stan Smith or completely casual with a pair of slippers!

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6-Because they allow us to eat more

With no need to unbutton your jeans after a good restaurant. You can now dare to the menu first course, and dessert!

7-Because that men love them, especially on us!

What is short, long, red, black, silk or lace, men love to see us in it. While this is to pick up your new sexy colleague or to win back your ex adopt the dress in your daily life!

8-Because what they allow us to sleep an hour more in the morning

You would not suspect you in? And yet, think about the time that you win to put on a dress in 2 minutes rather than you lose in your drawers to tops and pants! Stop trying to play the stylists at 8 in the morning while you are already late! In addition, you may fashion misstep with a dress you’re sure to be at the top in 2 minutes .

9-Because with them, there always seems to be in summer

Even with tights or boots rain dresses we help keep morale in winter. And still more if it is yellow, orange or turquoise!

10-Because they prove that we assume!

Wear a dress is to show that it knows his body and we love him. But attention to well choose it based on its morphology and station on the misstep fashion!

11- Because they help to be positive

And Yes, if we assemble the 9 previous reasons, it is concluded that the dress helps us to be positive and even be happy.

Between the time of sleep, the restaurants without feeling guilty, savings, the Sun even in winter, the sneakers to wear, small hidden defects and the men at our feet! You know another thing that brings you so much in your life? What is certain is that now you know what you’re missing if you’re not wearing!

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